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If you want to buy reconditioned Injectors/Generators from us,

You have two options:

  • Buy a reconditioned diesel fuel injector or Generator

  • Exchange your used injector or Generator for a reconditioned item from our stock at a value.

By rebuild / reconditioned we mean, the item is completely stripped to each of its components. All worn parts are scrapped and replaced with new replacement parts. Once all parts being reused are confirmed to be in good condition, and worn parts are disposed and replaced, rebuilding can commence, including balancing and calibration, resulting in a newly reconditioned item. The item is fully tested and made sure it is in working condition. You will also get a warranty for every reconditioned item you buy from us.

For exchange, You will have to send the product to us and after verification, you will receive your new product. The value of exchange and that of discounts will be decided only after communication. Exchange offer is currently available only in the United Arab Emirates. (However, exemptions can be made based on communication).

Please contact us via product requests, mail or direct phone call for discussions regarding exchange policy. If you need to know more about this offer please contact us.

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