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Diesel Engine Cylinder Repair

Professional Diesel Engine Repair Service. Get Your Diesel Engine Working Today. Best Service. Low Cost. Quality Service

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Abra Diesel has well trained and experienced engine specialists that carry out major overhauling of main and auxiliary marine diesel engines of various makes and models. We are specialized in Marine and Industrial Diesel Engine and relative component servicing center. Diesel engine overhaul & maintenance is one of Abra Diesel's technical expertise. As an engine specialist, we service and repair a wide range of diesel engines. Routine maintenance and major repairs on all major makes of main and auxiliary engines are our specialties. Abra Diesel's expertise does not stop with the engine itself but extends to take care of all vital equipment in the engine room. Abra Diesel's team is able to service fuel equipment and all accessories associated with engines. In addition, Abra Diesel's onboard team is able to provide top overhaul services on engines.Our workshop facility is well known for its workmanship and dedication to 24/7 customer service. The machine shop is equipped with the latest in advanced machining, grinding, and calibrating equipment.

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About Us

With over 10 years of experience, unmatched quality service, and the craftsmanship of an experienced technical team, our company stands out as a dignified firm among Diesel repair workshops in the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. We are specialized in Marine and Industrial Diesel Engine and relative component servicing center.

 * We are providing better value for servicing budgets by maximizing repair opportunities and minimizing spare parts replacement.
 * We are simply faster and on a 24x7 basis.
 * Technology builds the backdrop of our activities. All of our service solutions are technically sound and reliable.
 * We are good in the development and application of new repair technologies and solutions that meet our customers, we are accountable to them.
 * High reliability and lower service cost.
 * Experience and innovation on a wide base of engines and fuel pumps.
 * Transparency and partnership.
 * Service warranty for all jobs.


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Saturday to Thursday : 6 am to 8 pm

~Jacob Shelvy

"Established in 2011 our aim is to provide the best diesel engine and generator repairing services to the UAE marine business community along with repairing and servicing of related components with the best quality and at the lowest cost."



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Engine overhauling & Service

We Overhaul and service Diesel Engines of CAT, Cummins, Perkins, Clarke, and John Deere.
We are specialized in Marine and Industrial Diesel Engine and relative component servicing center.
We Overhaul and service Generators of CAT, Cummins, Perkins, and all other brands
We are experts in servicing and repairing industrial and commercial generators. 

Generator overhauling and service

Cooler servicing & repairing.

We also service and repair coolers. Our skilled personals are experienced at servicing and repairing coolers of all make.

Fire pump/ engine service & repair

We Overhaul and service Fire Fighting Engines of all brands.
We are equipped with advanced technology for repairing, overhauling, and maintenance of All Fire Fighting Engines.
We repair and service electric motors as well. 
We do Motor Rewinding services as well and are experts at it.

Electrical motor servicing & rewinding

Fuel Pump and water Pump repairing & servicing

We repair and service all kinds of fuel pumps as well as water pumps. We are well known for our quality service especially at repairing and servicing  Fuel Pumps and Water Pumps.
Our experienced team will solve all your fuel/water pump related problems with professionalism.
We repair and service fuel injectors. We have professional testing benches for calibrations and servicing. We implement modern technologies for getting best quality.

Fuel injector servicing & calibration.

Turbo servicing & calibration

We also undertake all kinds of turbo related jobs as well. Our experienced turbo specialists will fulfill your service request with speed and quality.

Alternator servicing & calibration

We also service and repair alternators. Our specialized team will complete the task within no time.
You can also request quotes for spare parts supply of all diesel Engines/Pumps/Generators. Our response team will reply within two business days and provide you with the lowest cost.

Spare parts supply

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Service Request

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