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In this day and age, we need power constantly, whether it is to keep the lights on or run machinery in our factories or to run computers in our offices. If the power is not there even for an hour, we lose money in lost productivity or inconvenience people in need of power.Diesel generators provide the best source of alternative power even in remote locations and during emergency situations such as festive gathering or out-of-town promotional events.

At Abra Diesel we make sure you never experience a lack of power by providing the best generator service to make sure your generators run every time you need them. Our repair services works like clockwork and makes sure your generator runs when your power goes off. In case of a breakdown, our team reaches the site within a day. A complete and comprehensive checkup by skilled engineers ensures your power is always there for you.


Our competitively-priced quotes, Parts, Oil and Batteries make sure that customers do not need to look elsewhere for their generator service requirements. OEMs tend to charge very high prices on parts and oil. At Abra diesel our customer-focused approach has led us to give our customers the best parts and service at great and unbeatable prices. For the best generator repair in UAE contact us as Abra diesel is renowned for its high-quality products and unbeatable service.

All our major repair jobs are carried out in our in house workshop. No competitor offers a complete generator workshop in uae as professional as ours.

Abra Diesel’s Workshop is located in Industrial Area 2, Sharjah and has both mechanical and electrical repair machines and tools. Abra Diesel also has in house component repair which is commonly outsourced at our competitors. This is done to make sure high quality is maintained.


The workshop is specialized for Generator Overhauling, Alternator Maintenance, and other problems that cannot be solved at the site. Minor issues of Generators are done at the site, but the Generators mostly need to be shifted to the workshop for Major Overhauls. We receive generators from around the country for Major Overhauls and Alternator Overhauls due to our great pricing and quality. Abra Diesel even Overhauls Generators from many marine companies, factories, and construction companies. The generators require an overhaul if they have been used for more than 4,000 hours or have continuous problems in running. It is much more economical to get your Generator Overhauled by Abra Diesel vs buying a new generator. Abra Diesel also does canopy repair of old canopies to make sure the Generator and Alternator remain protected and sound insulation is proper.


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