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Generator service and repair shop in Dubai and Sharjah

Generator Servicing & Generator Repair

Abra diesel takes care of installation, maintenance, repair and upgrade of power generating equipment. Additionally, we offer routine generator servicing programs and generator repair services for our clients own generators and after sales generator servicing for both new and used generators.

Our clients are leaders in their respective fields and expect us to provide an unconditional 24/7 generator servicing policy! So, if you are looking for technical support for generator servicing or repairs, we are here to service your needs. From small portable generator servicing to the large diesel generator servicing, we have you covered!

Generator Servicing

Overhauls and servicing is critical to ensure maximum reliability of power generation equipment. Abra diesel can offer specialist advice to tailor a regular ongoing generator servicing to suit your individual needs. Whether the generator is used 24 hours, 7 days a week or in a standby emergency application, our recommended generator servicing schedule will ensure the welfare of your valuable assets.

When you engage us to maintain your power generation equipment, you are assured of ongoing reliability. You can take comfort in the fact that Abra diesel has to support a critical operation in the repairs and diesel service of the comprehensive fleet of generators.

Looking for more? See our range of New & Used Generators For Sale here at Abra diesel or Contact Us for more information.

The workshop is specialized for Generator Overhauling, Alternator Maintenance, and other problems that cannot be solved at the site. Minor issues of Generators are done at the site, but the Generators mostly need to be shifted to the workshop for Major Overhauls. We receive generators from around the country for Major Overhauls and Alternator Overhauls due to our great pricing and quality. Abra Diesel even Overhauls Generators from many marine companies, factories, and construction companies. The generators require an overhaul if they have been used for more than 4,000 hours or have continuous problems in running. It is much more economical to get your Generator Overhauled by Abra Diesel vs buying a new generator. Abra Diesel also does canopy repair of old canopies to make sure the Generator and Alternator remain protected and sound insulation is proper.


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